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Imperial Dam

Imperial Dam Long Term Visitors Area (LTVA) Gallery

Long Term Visitors Area

Located in the Senora Desert where the Colorado River carved its way to Baja Mexico. The Imperial Dam created the Senator Wash Reservoir and keeps Squaw Lake filled year round. Burros and other wildlife live in this harsh area, yet beaming with live by the abundance of water. These photos will give you a glimpse into a true blending of man with his environment.

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Boondocker Chatter

The unofficial newsletter of the Imperial Dam LTVA, The Boondocker Chatter is entering it’s eight year of publication. Their stories are written for and by desert dwellers, many who have been Boondocking in the Senora Desert for over 20 years. While the stories will keep you spell-bound, a picture here is truly worth a 1000 words. See history first hand through the eyes of those who lived it, here at the Boondocker Chatter Galleries!

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Imperial Dam: Boondocker Chatter Gallery
Imperial Dam: Christian Service Center Gallery

Christian Service Center

Without the Christian Service Center the Imperial Dam LTVA would just be a bunch of sand and RVs. Sense 1974 the CSC has been providing services to the Imperial Dam LTVA residents. Services that changed the Imperial Dam LTVA from a desert campground to a community. Travel through the years of memories of the people, places and things from the best friend of its LTVA neighbors.

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Emergency Response Team

It was evident more than 20 years ago that getting help to the Imperial Dam LTVA residents could prove a daunting task as the Imperial Dam LTVA, located in the middle of the Sonora Desert, can be difficult to navigate by those unfamiliar with the area, including Police, Fire and Ambulance respondents. The Imperial Dam Emergency Response Team‘s all volunteer force was, and is there to help local respondents get to the emergency fast. Follow the life-saving services through photos that say it all.

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Imperial Dam: Emergancy Response Team Gallery